10 February 2011
this morning one more angel has come to the skies
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The 4th course of chemotherapy ended on Saturday 12.06. A puncture of spinal marrow was made yesterday. There was consultancy of orthopedist. He doesnt see fractures of spinal cord but there is a huge osteoporosis instead as consequence of lack of calcium and 4 blocks of chemotherapy. He strictly recommended wearing corset 24 hours. He settles next MRT in 3 Months. In general Lisa went through this block much easier then previous ones in Ukraine. There was no such high temperature and general state is better. Haemoglobin was 70 on Friday, and after blood transfusion 110

Today is the 3rd day of the 4th course of chemotherapy. It is going well. Temperature has not been risen more then 37.2. Lisa feels relatively good, much better then during 3 previous courses. On Monday they planned consultancy of orthopedist. Beside of that, laboratory should provide results of study of spinal cord specimens taken on 1st and 6th days of this block.

Today catheter has been sewed up. Doctors described in details the coming 4th course of chemotherapy and asked to sign a permission on it. Lisas parents signed and it was started immediately.
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